Tianqi Li

Returning to Player Camera after Level Sequence Play

If you want to transit camera back to player seamlessly after or during level sequence, you can call SetViewTargetWithBlend to do that, with a player as new target. Just make sure you put the following settings right: Tracks of camera cuts and camera actor are set to keep state when finished, otherwise camera will roll back to initial state. If you are switching camera in level sequence (not after), make sure to crop length of camera cuts so that it ends earlier than SetViewTargetWithBlend.
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UE4 Learning Resources

A collection of UE4 learning resources. Garbage Collection Garbage Collection Overview - Epic Wiki Garbage Collection & Dynamic Memory Allocation - Epic Wiki Reflection Unreal Property System (Reflection) - Epic Blog Collision Collision Filtering - Epic Blog Replication ‘Unreal Engine 4’ Network Compendium Replication - Epic Wiki A Crash Course in Blueprint Replication - Epic Blog Sequence Diagram of Networking inside the Character Movement Component class Authoritative Networked Character Movement Network Tips and Tricks - Epic Blog Gameplay Ability System Repo to gather all Gameplay Ability System content for UE4 UMG UMG Best Practices - Epic Blog Misc Balancing Blueprint and C++ - Epic Documentation Actor Lifecycle - Epic Documentation Blueprint Macros and Macro Libraries - Epic Blog Logs, Printing Messages To Yourself During Runtime - Epic Wiki
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Rendering Workflow of Slate

The rendering of Slate happens in FSlateApplication::PrivateDrawWindows. It first iterates every visible window to collect nessary rendering information used for rendering. Then consumes these information by invoking corresponding platform’s graphics API (D3D, OpenGL, etc.) to do the rendering job. Collecting A window (SWindow) in UE4’s terminology is the top-level widget of game, usually one game has only one window, every widget we created at runtime is just a child of it.
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